Stake your FET tokens on the mainnet and start earning passive income today. Our validator node is powered by 100% renewable energy in Iceland. Foundation Trusted Validator

GeoStaking is honoured to be acknowledged as a trusted validator by the Foundation, thanks to the Foundation Delegations we have consistently received since launching our services on the Network in 2022. Over the past 2+ years, our commitment to the community and network security has earned us increasing trust and larger delegations in each round presented by the Foundation. We are dedicated to upholding and exceeding the high standards expected of us, continuously striving for excellence in our role.


Bare metal servers based in multiple locations with built in resilience, daily backups and disaster recovery simulations mean we have safety and security at the heart of what we do.

Passive Income

In a time where inflation is increasing and fiat currency value is decreasing, stake your FET with GeoStaking to receive a competitive, and reliable passive income.


Our friendly team are ready and available for any questions that you may have on our GeoStaking Customer Support group found on Telegram.

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At GeoStaking, we provide you with the latest news about the network and everything related to the ongoing Artificial Super Intelligence $ASI alliance merge. This way, you are always in touch with the most important announcements and developments in the Fetch and ASI ecosystem - and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


With sustainability being so front and centre to GeoStaking's mission, we believe that powering our validator nodes with 100% renewable energy is of paramount importance. Whilst a passive income is great, if it comes at the cost of the planet then that's not something we're willing to compromise on.

Approximately 90% of all the houses in Iceland are heated by geothermal energy, making it the perfect location for our infrastructure to sit. We think harnessing the power of nature to power this is pretty cool so, you may be interested as to how this actually works? See this great video by BBC Earth Lab which explains the process!


Our mission is simple. To sustainably support the decentralisation of's network whilst giving a world class service.

The Geostaking team represents a mixture of five professionals who care deeply about both technology and sustainability. We have a variety of differing skills in the Web 3.0 & Enterprise IT space based in Austria, Iceland, Canada and United Kingdom.

Having been involved with since 2019 as investors, and more recently as community leaders, we constantly strive to support the adoption and reach of this

technology as we passionately believe Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA's) and Decentralised AI (DeAI) have the ability to change the world, for good.

More recently, we have been looking for other ways to support the team and when it was announced that more validator spots were opening up, we decided to launch GeoStaking.

With a fully resilient, Enterprise Grade infrastructure run on renewable energy, open and honest communications and a desire to engage closely with the community, we believe that GeoStaking will add significant value to the network and community.


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We recognise that choosing the right validators is very important so please feel free to ask any questions - we're here to help!